The word "Sol" means "sun" in both Icelandic and Spanish. When travelling in Bolivia, I visited a place called the, "Isla del Sol," a sacred island where the Incas believed the sun god was born. 

The island has no roads, and no cars, yet it is home to 800 indigenous families. It was an extremely peaceful place, and I loved it so much that we stayed an extra 4 days. 

Everyone at our hostel was from different countries. Every night we would eat dinner together overlooking lake Titicaca, and watched the sun rise and set each night and morning. 

Founded in Vancouver

Sol was created in Vancouver, Canada during the winter months when I couldn't find a jacket that could keep me at the perfect temperature. The warmer jackets seemed to be too warm and too bulky. The thinner jackets were more comfortable to wear, but wouldn't keep me warm enough once the sun went down. 

During my commute to downtown Vancouver on the bus, I experienced a wide range of temperatures, that made the commute uncomfortable. 

Either I was too cold standing outside at the bus stop, or too warm on the crowded bus which had heaters blasting in the winter time. 

Another problem I experienced, was that when I initially went outside, I was cold. Once I started walking for 20+ minutes, my body temperature would heat up and I would be comfortable to walk outside. 

What if there was a jacket that was ALWAYS the right temperature? 

A jacket that was smart enough to be put on high heat when you step outside into the cold, and put on low heat once you warm up from walking. 

A jacket smart enough to connect to your smart phone, and listen to the temperature settings you want. If you're on the bus, the heat gets turned off. When you step off the bus, the heat gets put on high and slowly lowered as you start walking.